Members Charter

The Members Charter has been prepared to ensure that all cricket and social activities at Radlett Cricket Club are conducted fairly, sensibly and enjoyably.

It is expected that anyone connected with Radlett CC – member, parent, player or spectator will adhere to the simple guidelines contained in this Charter.

  • At all times act in a manner consistent with the spirit of the game and the reputation of Radlett CC
  • Adhere to the RCC Players Code of Conduct
  • Treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself
  • Respect fellow members, staff, officials, opposition and guests
  • Respect decisions made by the Officials – without them there would be no game
  • Look after Club equipment as if it were your own


Arrival – All players shall arrive for the game in a fit state and be ready to warm-up at the designated time on the team sheet- as determined by each team captain

Dress Code – All players shall comply with the team uniform as agreed by the individual team captains

Before Game

  • Captain to introduce himself/herself to the Umpires, ensure they are made to feel welcome and conditions of play are understood
  • Captain to introduce himself/herself to opposition Captain
  • All players to act in a manner consistent with the stature of RCC
  • If present the Chairman of Cricket/ Official Team Representative/Other members of Club Executive to make themselves known to the umpires and explain his/their role.

During Game

  • Players shall at all times act in a manner consistent with the ECB/ Radlett CC code of conduct
  • At no stage will any player show dissent to the umpires
  • Players are responsible for their own discipline but Captains must accept responsibility for managing the tone on the field of play
  • Should an incident occur the Captain will clarify the situation immediately or at the next interval with the umpires
  • The Captain or his designated representative will check with the umpires at each interval regarding discipline

After Game

  • All players will thank the opposition and umpires after the game, by shaking hands
  • The Captain will discuss RCC discipline with the umpires after every game
  • The Captain and/ or a designated player will ensure the umpires are entertained after the game
  • During home games all players will make an effort to entertain the opposition