Radlett CC News story

Help needed - Junior Cricket Administrator role and overseas player support

10 May 2022

Dear members, 


First of all, thank you for being a member of Radlett Cricket Club. Your subscriptions are a vital ingredient in helping the club to function the way it does. 


Whilst they are some paid positions at the club e.g. specialist roles like pitch preparation,  the vast majority of work required to run a cricket club like Radlett is done for by unpaid volunteers.  This band of volunteers has been historically small in number, but has been growing over the last 6 months after some very persuasive discussions (the Bar can do that!) We would like to grow that further. We will shortly be publishing a list of 35 roles that we will be asking a volunteer(s) for. Some of these roles are already filled by someone on either a full or part time basis, but most are not and in order to run the club that we would all like to be part of we are asking more people to come on board to help and reduce the burden on those that do volunteer


One such role which we urgently need someone to step forward for is the Junior Cricket Administrator role. This is a super important position which is currently being added on to people who have no capacity which is impacting the role they are doing.  The role essentially is to:


  • Liaise with junior cricket director/coaches/team managers
  • Be a visible presence for the Junior section
  • Co-ordinate junior fixtures (not needed until 2023)
  • Facilitate 2 x annual junior cricket meetings


It would suit someone with an interest in junior cricket development, basic management skills, a good organiser and communicator and once up and running we would expect to result in 1 hour per week during the summer and 1 hour per month during the winter. Helping Junior cricket and the community is a fantastically rewarding experience - its good to do good!


On a secondary request for help point. Our overseas player / coach arrives this week and we are trying to source a car for him to use over the next 4 months. To transport him easily to and from the club. If anyone has a spare car parked on their drive or is aware of someone who has then the club would be very happy to take off your hands.


If you can help in either or both of the urgent requests, please contact Stuart Browne (Head of Senior Cricket) either in person or email at stuart.browne@natwest.com 


Thank you for your support.


RCC Exec.