Radlett CC News story

200 Club Draw Results

25 Mar 2021


Firstly, apologies to those who witnessed the messy draws after the AGM yesterday and to the one or two who may have been incorrectly announced as winners. 

The system is that, having checked everyone is a legitimate participant, and no one who has paid is missing, a number is allocated to each "share" on a spreadsheet.  So 1-87 in this case. Unfortunately, in a few cases, my glamorous assistant at the other end of Radlett used the line number of the excell spreadsheet, rather than the allocated number, to identify the name of the shareholder.

So, taking the numbers drawn and correctly matching them to the right "share", we can confirm the following winners:

Draw 1:

£250 Ian Sutherland

£100 David Debere

£50 David/Hilary Robinson, Matthew Bolshaw, Ed Saunders

Draw 2:

£250 Richard Haxell

£100 Rosemary Edwards

£50 John Seaton, Eric Howes, Richard Hardy.

Apologies again for the hiccup, but at least we have now brought everything up-to-date

Thank you again for participating in the 200 Club.

Kind regards,

Colin Warne