Radlett CC News story

200 Club Update

24 Mar 2021

Thank you for supporting the 200 Club – many of you for many years, in fact. The scheme continues to raise useful funds. 

I am conscious that, with Covid lockdown, we have not held the social events at which the last two draws for 2020 would have been made. We therefore plan to do the two draws this evening, at the end of the AGM, so it is seen to be “open and honest” - and in case I win!

 I would also like to advise you of our intention to breathe new life into the scheme and give it more prominence. Currently, we do three draws: generally Easter, President’s Day and Xmas. There are five prizes each time: £250, £100, 3 x£50 = £500 per draw. 

Our plan is to introduce a monthly draw, for £30 (“12 chances to get your money back”). We would continue with the three major draws, but reduce the number of £50 prizes to one each draw, so pay out £400. In summary, we will pay out an extra £360 in monthly draws, financed by saving £300 from the three major draws. The result is 21 chances to win something vs 15, with a net increased prize fund of £60 and the bigger prizes still in place. More importantly, it gives us the chance to give the scheme more visibility, with a prize notified each month, and hopefully gets more takers.

 At the present time there are 87 shares in the draw. If we get beyond 100 shares, we can of course look at increasing the prize fund to maintain your chances of winning something.

 Please contact me if you have any objections to this change, or indeed any other ideas for the scheme.

 Thank you again for your support.

 Kind regards,

 Colin Warne

 Hon. Sec.