Radlett CC News story

Use of New Nets

28 May 2020


The new nets on the top ground will shortly be available for use. However, ECB guidelines are quite restrictive. In order to comply, the following procedures will be put in place:
• Only one net will be usable, on a 1-1 basis or as a family group.
• Only two players may be in the net if they are not from the same household.
• The net must be pre-booked
• Only paid-up, playing club members will be entitled to use it
• Each slot will be for 50 minutes, starting on the hour, leaving 10 minutes between sessions
• A booking may only be made by an adult member, who must take part /oversee the net session
• There will be no access to the pavilion and therefore no toilet facilities.
Each adult (aged 18 or over) who wishes to use the net is required to pay a £50 Interim Playing Membership. This £50 will be deducted from whatever level of subscription might be set later on, should it be possible to play cricket at some stage. 
In addition, a membership fee of £10 is required for each U-18 player who wishes to use the net.
A booking system will shortly be put in place, together with guidelines and a list of available coaches, should you wish to have a formal coaching session. Slots will be available each day from 9am, with the last slot at 8pm. In the first instance, slots will be available for two weeks, whilst we bed the system in and gauge feedback.  During this period, members should restrict themselves to booking only one slot each week. However, if, on a particular day, there are slots free that day or the following day, a member may book a slot however many times they have already played.
If you would like to use the nets in the near future, please make the appropriate payment now in order for you and your family to be set up on the booking system.  An Interim Playing Membership form, with the requisite details, is attached to this email and available on the website.

Attachments : Application Form 2020 Interim Playing.pdf