Radlett CC News story

Radlett CC Social Membership Now Due

10 Feb 2020


Dear Member (or Lapsed Member),


Radlett CC Social Membership subscriptions cover the calendar year, so are now due.


You may have received this email, but no longer be a member. If so, I apologise - we will tidy up our records this year. Our plan is to remove non-payers at the end of March. If you no longer wish to be a member, but would still like to receive communications from the Club, please let colwarne@gmail.com know.


You may also be a VP or an Honorary Member, in which case no subscription is due. However, we very much appreciate the fact that most of you choose to make a donation.


For those of you with paid Social Membership, who wish to continue supporting the Club, the cost is £50 for single membership, £75 for couples and £25 for the partner of a playing member. (If you paid Family Membership, please wait until you receive a mailing re YP subscriptions before renewing.)


This cost has remained unchanged since 2012, our preference being for members to consider making an extra donation, rather than increasing the sub. This has two benefits – the extra donation is gift-aidable (assuming you are a tax-payer) and not subject to VAT.


Membership forms are available via this link.  


https://radlettcc.secure-club.com/clubs/23/docs/2020/Application Form 2020 Social_Final.pdf


Please also consider joining the 200 Club, if you are not already a participant (or renewing if you pay annually). The cost is just £30 for the year, which will see 3 x £250, 3 x £100 and 9 x £50 paid out in prizes in three draws..  Currently, there are just 80 numbers in the draw, so you have a reasonable chance of winning something!


Thank you for your continuing support.